TA BTC Weekly July 2020

BTC Weekly TF

HTF Swing trades context :

BTC is still hiting the 9 – 10k resistance line.
Will we get a clean breakout on the upside or downside ? only time will tell.

It’s very difficult to take clean and safe trade here, the balance between Long/Short open interest is very 50/50 and can change from a day to another.

As long as there’s no clean break, there’s not much to do but to watch.

For a upward break, need to break and hold 9.4k then 9.8k.

If 8.9k doesn’t hold, market will most probably go for a 7.7k retest.

LTF scalp trades context :

BTC is in an undefined trend. That’s a great context to trade range.

The most advanced traders can try to trade the range, Between 9.1k and 9.3k.

Always set an affordable Stop-loss on all of your trades and of course, manage your risk and position size on these range trades.


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