Trader Self Confidence is Mandatory to Build

Every trader, no matter what level of experience he is, have his own history.

We can assume we all started at same point, besides all material context, we are all born with an empty and blank brain.
All clear of influence and reflex, just pure raw grey matter to design.

As long as we are growing (until the age of 25 approximately) all this grey matter is very active and curious to understand everything surrounding our preoccupation. We accumulate data.

All this science game is about, to give logical explanation to all preoccupation.
To vanish fear of unknown with knowledge and experimentation.

So we clearly have this auto-balance mechanism, to counter fears, it’s instinctive to seek for logical explanation now that we think as scientist, Cartesian fellas. All this logic is pretty much undeniable nowadays.

This is a very useful tool for any task in everyday life, to be able to think and analyze on your own, no more 100% blind faith, you should think on your own.

So how can this auto-balance mechanism that regulate fears can help us in trading application ?

First, we are conditioned to give a lot of importance to money in a general manner.
Money is like lifeline to never let go. It feeds you, it gives you rights to live someplace and feel home, it allows you to afford pleasure of all kinds.

Money is the supreme candy.

For the most of us, it’s pretty hard to say, money isn’t a problem, and that’s why we all have to work to get your own piece of cake.

Money is very precious.

All this standard push money gambling aka trading, into a particular category, there’s some risk involved. That risk is loosing that hard earned money, pure simple loss.

This can hurt the feelings of any money user citizen, and it’s totally fair seeing the importance level of money in our life.

It’s very important to identify your feelings when you take a trade, if there’s some joy, some delusional euphoria, some huge stress peak, some anger and revenge feeling. It’s human emotion, 90% of it is wrong feeling and 10% of it is happiness ^^

Once you identified the feelings, you can work on it, it’s pretty much automatic, as long as you are aware of the mechanic, your brain will handle the good attitude to adopt. The only thing you have to work on is, identify what attitude you should adopt in each situation and context.

Having an already analyzed thought, because you anticipated the reality with case scenario study and simulation, gives you a very solid mindset to take decision and act faster, or in the most appropriate timing.

The less you think, the more you act.

Most of us always need to be comforted when have to face any kind of fear.
Better be independent and not count on others to supply this comfort, you will take the trade, you will be on your own and will have to decide for every aspect of it.

If you identified it all and worked on how to react, then you are ready to trade with confidence, to build real trust in your moves, plan and situation analyze.

This is self confidence apply to trading, but is also working for everything in life (my 2 cent advise ^^)

It’s just like everything in life, takes time to build, give it time and don’t rush into something you don’t understand, that can be dangerous.

I won’t share much situation example here because I think it’s important for independent trader to experiment on it’s own. Feelings are a very personal function, and everyone isn’t reacting exactly the same in each situation. For such things, it’s always better to learn on your own.

You futures trading session will thank you for having anticipated that part of trading activity.

Feelings and emotion control. Work on it, it’s really worth it.


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